2023 Student Leaders


Kia ora my name is Briana and I'm 1 of the school leader’s. I live with my Auntie Fiona and Uncle Danny, my two cousins, my grandma and my brother Sia who was a school leader when he was here. My favourite colour is purple and my favourite animals are pandas. I am Samoan on my Dads side and Cook Island on my mum's side. You will usually find me at the courts with Mihi and Jane the 2 other school leaders or walking around the School. I really like helping other people and looking after our school.


Talofa lava. My name is Israel. For those who don’t know me, I like to play rugby league, do gaming and watch movies. You can usually find me at the courts or in Room 13. I will do my best and help in any way. Thank you for choosing me as a school leader.


Ki ora, Ko jane toku ingoa. I'm one of the 2023 school leaders.

A little bit about me is that I'm 9 years old and I have 3 siblings and one dog. I love sports and love animals. My favourite color is blue. Ever since I was 5 I wanted to be a school leader. I'm very proud of myself and I am interested in what the future brings. If you need a school leader I'm happy to help. You can find me walking around the school.


Talofa lava o lo'u igoa o Jazmine. Hello, my name is Jazmine. I am 9 years old and am one of your school leaders for 2023. I have a sister and brother at this school but also have a little brother coming to this school later and an older brother at college. My favourite sports are rugby, volleyball and soccer. My Mum is Luisa and my Dad is Arthur. I am proud to be a school leader and I’m looking forward to helping others.


Kia ora, talofa lava, mālō e lelei and hello. My name is Ken. I am part Japanese and part Laotian. My favourite subject at school is maths and I love to play all kinds of sports. I feel lucky to have been chosen as a school leader and I’m really looking forward to helping students around our kura.


Mālō e lelei. My name is Mace and I’m 10 years old. I’m from Tonga and New Zealand and I have 3 siblings. Unluckily for me, they’re all girls. My older sister Dyllan is 14 and was a school leader when she was here. One of my little sisters Talia is in Year 4 in Mrs Hogan’s class and my youngest sister Marnie is starting school in April. Some of the things I like to do are listen to music and play sports.


Kia ora my name is Mihi and I am one of the nine school leaders for 2023. I'm 10 years old, I live with my two grandparents and five pets. A little bit about me is that my favourite colour is light blue, I love to play sports and I love animals. When I was in Kiwi Team, I used to look up to the school leaders and 5 years later, I am one too! If you ever need me, I will always be there to help.


Hi my name is Siteri and I am from Fiji. I am 9 years old but I am turning 10 this year. I am proud to be your school leader for this year. If you need me I will be in the junior playground or walking around the school. I’m in Room 1 and my teacher is Miss Gleeson.


Kia Ora. My name is Varun and I'm from Fiji. I'm 10 years old and I'm glad that I became a school leader which was a goal for me to achieve this year. If you want to find me around the school, I will be riding on my scooter, playing on the courts with my friends or just walking around. I'm in Room 1 with Miss Gleeson as my teacher.

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