GEPS Prospectus

GEPS Prospectus

2020 School Prospectus


We use an electronic attendance system and follow-up on any unexplained absences from school on the day of the absence. If your child is absent for any reason, please phone the school, use the app, e-mail or text 021 610 364 or 027 337 7002 with an explanation of the absence. We will phone or text you if your child is away and we have not heard from you.

Minor accidents are treated in the school medical room, but parents are contacted if the accident is of a more serious nature. It is important that the school has up-to-date contact information which can be updated using the app.
If parents/caregivers can not be contacted and the school deems that the child needs urgent attention the school will either phone for an ambulance or take the child to an emergency health centre.

We have a school app which works on both android and apple devices. This app is used for notices home and can be used for absences and contact detail updates amongst other things.

Our whole school assembly is held on Fridays at 2:15pm in the hall. These are a showcase of learning and celebration of achievements and are run by classes on a rotational basis. Whānau are encouraged to attend. Team assemblies are also held regularly.

Before & After School Care / Holiday Programme:
SKIDS run these programmes. Please contact them.

Bicyles & Other Wheels:
Children under ten years old are not permitted to cycle to school unless accompanied by an adult. Children over ten must wear a standards approved cycle helmet and have a roadworthy bicycle. Children need to bring their own locks. The school will provide bike racks. Children can bring skateboards or scooters to school and use them during break times. Children are responsible for their own equipment.

Board of Trustees:
The Board of Trustees is elected by the school community to govern the school. The dates of its meetings, which are open to whānau , are notified through our school newsletters. Please note non Board of Trustees members do not have automatic speaking rights. Minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings and copies of the School Charter are available to parents/caregivers at the school office.

Breakfast Programme:
Fonterra and Sanitarium sponsor our Breakfast Programme each morning in the hall Monday – Friday from 8:15am. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Class Organistion:
The school is divided into three teams:

  • Kiwi team - Years 0 -2
  • Takahē team - Years 2, 3 and 4
  • Tui team - Years 4, 5 and 6

Classes are situated in whānau groups throughout the school - Whero, Kikorangi, Kōwhai and Kākāriki.

We do not have a school uniform. Children should come to school dressed in sensible clothes for classroom and playground activities. Please label all clothing clearly.

Cyber Safety:
Children are expected to use all electronic devices appropriately. If children see anything on screen that they know they should not be looking at, we ask them to immediately turn off the screen and ask a staff member for help.

Dental Therapist:
A transportable dental clinic visits the school periodically. For emergencies you can phone 0800TALKTEETH to arrange an appointment.

We do not ask for any donations at Glen Eden Primary School.

Education Outside the Classroom:
Team and class trips play a very important part in the school programmes. There will be no charge for these activities. Parents are always needed to help with trips. From time to time there will be local trips, e.g. to Glen Eden Library, for which parental permission is not sought.

Emergency Procedures:
The school regularly practises emergency procedures, in particular fire drills and lockdowns, so that in the unlikely event of a fire or earthquake, the children and staff know what to do.

Enrichment Programmes:
The school runs various programmes to extend students. These can include academic, sporting, music, arts and cultural groups.

English as a Second Language Programme:
Kathryn Arbon manages the ESOL programmes.

Health and Safety:
Please let us know if your child has any medical condition which will affect their learning or their general health. If your child needs medication at school, please see the office staff.
Please leave accurate up to date records of caregivers name, address, phone number etc with the office. This can be done using the school app.

Teachers will advise as to what is expected at each level. Homework is not compulsory and should never become a cause for arguments in the home. It should be a positive, sharing experience.

School starts at 9am. It is beneficial for students to be at school with plenty of time to settle in and prepare for the day’s learning before the bell rings. If children arrive at school before 8.15am, they will not be supervised and are expected to sit on the seats outside Room 1. Morning Tea is from 11am-11:20am and Lunch is from 12:50pm to 1.50pm, including a ten minute supervised lunch eating time.
School finishes at 3pm. Any students who are still at school after 3:15pm will be directed to the office area.

Kids Can/Eat My Lunch:
Glen Eden Primary is part of the Kids Can Programme which means we sometimes get free raincoats for our students. Thanks to Kids Can, we also have food available for students who may need extra through the day. We also have free nit treatment available from the office.
We are also lucky to be a part of the Eat My Lunch scheme and get some free lunches every day.

Late Arrival & Early Pick Up:
Children who arrive at school after 9am are asked to sign in at the office. Consistent lateness will be followed up as it is important that children arrive before 9am to set themselves up for the day.
If it becomes necessary to pick your children up from school early we have a sign out tablet at the office. Please give the print out to the class teacher when you pick your child up.

Students visit the school library with their class and are encouraged to take books out. The library is also open during lunch breaks for students to use.

Lost Property:
Lost property collected during the term is held in the lost property shed in the carpark. We make every effort to return clothing to owners, but this is very difficult if clothing is not named. Lost property is displayed every fine Friday afternoon. After a period of time, unclaimed items are donated to the Salvation Army.

Lunches can be ordered from Pita Pit on a Friday. See details on website for how to order.

We send home a newsletter every Tuesday to let parents know what is happening in the school. Newsletters can be viewed on our website or through the school app.

Ngā Kaitiaki o Glen Eden:
This committee is a very hard working group of parents and supporters, supported by the Board of Trustees and staff. The committee meets twice a term and is always looking for new members who are prepared to help the school in a variety of ways. Contact Dianne in the office if you are interested in helping the school. Most of our fundraising is organised by this group.

Parent Concerns:
Please let the school know as soon as possible if you have any concerns. For learning and classroom issues please see your child’s classroom teacher first. For any school issues please see Kathryn Arbon or Donna Soljan.

Parent Help:
The school welcomes parent help in a variety of ways. Please contact Kathryn Arbon or Donna Soljan if you would like to help out. Some ideas are:

  • Parent help with classroom programmes
  • Help with school trips
  • Library assistance
  • Coaching of school sports teams
  • Joining Ngā Kaitiaki
  • Reading Tutors
  • Tutoring culture groups
  • Garden to Table programme

For the safety of our children, parents are asked not to drive into the school grounds (unless arrangements have been made with the Principal/DP) or use the staff car park entry as a turning bay. Staff parking is for school staff. Our children’s safety is our paramount consideration. Please be aware that Council parking wardens are often outside the school gates issuing tickets to those parked illegally.

Pedestrian Safety:
Clayburn Rd is patrolled by staff members between 8.20am – 8.45am and after school. West Coast Road lights are also monitored by a staff member after school. We are a part of the Travelwise programme.

Class photos and individual / family photos are each taken once a year.

Reporting to Whānau:
Written reports are prepared and sent out in Terms 2 & 4. Student led conferences are held in Term 3.

Safety of Students:
Your child’s safety is our prime concern. We therefore strongly promote zero tolerance to violence and bullying in our school. This means that no one person has the right to intimidate any person in any way. It also means that it is okay to tell if you are being bullied.

Social Workers in Schools:
Our social worker is available at various times throughout the week. Referrals can be made by whānau or from children themselves. The social worker in schools is a non-statutory social worker.

Special Needs:
We can access help from various agencies for children with speech, hearing, severe behaviour and/or learning needs. Please contact Kathryn Arbon, Deputy Principal.

Older children are encouraged to become involved in sports. We have Saturday morning netball teams who play at Te Pai netball courts and several basketball teams who play on a Monday afternoon/evening at the Trusts stadium.

Children are given stationery lists at the end of each year by their class teachers. Whānau are required to buy initial packs. Stationery will be topped up throughout the year at no cost to families.

Swimming is an important part of our physical education programme. All children are expected to take part in the swimming programme. Please name all swimming gear.

Children should not bring valuables to school. If children bring such items to school we do not take responsibility for the loss of the item.

Glen Eden Primary School
makes learning an enjoyable
and rewarding experience
for our tamariki.



Phone: (09) 818 6686
Mobile: 021 610 364 or 027 337 7002



Glen Eden Primary School
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