About Us

About Us

Glen Eden Primary School, established in 1915, is a Year 1-6 primary school situated in Waitakere City. For nearly 100 years it has been the centre of the district. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible education for our students and continue to look at ways of improving what we do.

At Glen Eden Primary School we foster learning in a healthy, secure and supportive environment where positive relationships are esteemed and where staff model these relationships with each other, with parents and with students. We have high expectations of our students.

Staff have a ‘can do’ attitude. We believe that all children are capable of achieving and encourage them to do this to the highest standard. We find ways to make children’s learning exciting and meaningful in an environment that is both stimulating and inviting. We provide authentic contexts in which to learn. We know that everyone learns differently and at different stages. We provide programmes that challenge children and push them to think. Our major emphasis is on literacy and numeracy.

We gather a range of data to inform our teaching and to monitor individual and group progress. Children are involved in the learning process and are aware of next steps to progress their learning. Parents are kept well informed of student progress through accurate reporting and student led conferences. We celebrate success.

Glen Eden Primary School prides itself in having excellent relationships with families and other educational institutions. We regularly share information and achievements with our community in a variety of ways. Through such initiatives as the Home School Partnership programme, whanau have the opportunity to be fully engaged.

Glen Eden Primary School is a lively community made up of many cultures. We have an interest others cultural beliefs and practices. We continuously explore and share cultural experiences and cultural diversity in all our school programmes. Staff make a special effort to listen to and learn about the different cultures represented in our school. Families and community experts are invited to teach aspects of their culture. Staff are supported with high quality professional development and resources to support programmes. We recognize the particular status of Maori as tangata whenua, and provide access to, and positive examples of, Maori achievers.

At Glen Eden Primary School we foster personal responsibility, creative problem solving and participation in decision making by encouraging emerging leadership at all levels, including parents, Board of Trustees, staff and children. We empower people to take on responsibility and develop systems to ensure that our school community is fully involved with decision making.

Glen Eden Primary is a vibrant school where achievement is rewarded and both staff and students are encouraged to keep a healthy work/life balance.

Some facts about our Pou: Tiriwa

Our pou was carved in 2015 to celebrate our centenary. The carver was Sunnah Thompson (Te Kawerau a Maki) and the figure on the pou is Tiriwa.

Te Kawerau a Maki are tangata whenua (people of the land) of Waitakere City. They regard Tiriwa is a significant ancestor. Their heartland is the Waitakere Ranges, also known as Te Waonui-a-Tiriwa (the great forest of Tiriwa) Tiriwa is said to have moved Rangitoto from Karekare to the Hauraki Gulf.

On the base of the pou are birds and animals from the Waitakere area.

Glen Eden Primary School
makes learning an enjoyable
and rewarding experience
for our tamariki.



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