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Kia ora, Talofa lava, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Kia orana, Bula vinaka, Namaste

A BIG welcome to those families who are new to our kura this year and of course a HUGE welcome back to children and whanau returning for another busy year filled with fun and learning at our school.

Hopefully you had a wonderful holiday spending time with your families and are all well rested and ready for the wonderful learning experiences we have in store for your tamariki this term. It is awesome to see so many lovely faces coming to school each day with big friendly smiles and a lovely hello.

Introducing the wonderful teachers that are working in Kiwi team this year.

Room 1 – Miss Fiona Wickens

Room 2 – Miss Crystal Toluaki and Miss Mariah Handley

Room 5 – Miss Amela Nikolao

Room 6 – Mrs Salome Bergs and Mrs Julie Austin

Room 7 – Miss Delwyn Day (Team Leader)

We would love to meet you all so pop in for a quick hello and chat before school one day. If you have any concerns or successes that you would like to discuss with us about your child, please make a time to meet with us.

The best times are before or after school most days.

A HUGE thank you to families that have already purchased stationery for their child. If you still require stationery this can be purchased from the Garden to Table room before school. We will start using the books sometime during week 2. Please speak to a teacher if you have any concerns.

Kiwi team ‘whanau’ information evening

This year our whanau evening will be held on Monday 20th February at 5.30pm. Please meet in the school hall at the beginning for introductions. Then you will be invited to move to your child’s class where you will be able to meet the teacher. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to come along and hear about the exciting learning that will be happening at our kura for this term.

We will be moving to the pool at 6pm for a swim and sausage.

Reading homework

Your child will bring home a reading book in their book bag with them each day. PLEASE use this opportunity to listen to your child read and give them as much encouragement as you can. They just LOVE sharing their new learning with you J

Please make sure that they return the book to school the following day so that a new reader can be sent home.


Kiwi team children will go swimming most days and it is important that they bring togs and a towel (named) in a swimming bag.

Just a wee reminder that the children find it very difficult to get in and out of tight clothing like jeans and leggings when changing for swimming, so send them along in loose clothing that is easy for them to get into on their class swimming days.

It is good if they have a sweatshirt to wear after their swim.

Remember that the weather is very hot at the moment - your child will be more comfortable in light clothing.


Also at this time of the year, it is also very important that your child has a hat (named) to wear at school. The children do spend a fair amount of time during the day outside in the sun, and as we all know, the sun can be very harmful to our skin.


We would like to remind you that if your child is unwell, please keep them at home until they have recovered. Please remember that is very important to phone, text or email the school to let us know if your child will not be at school.

School phone: 818 6686

Email: Text: 021 610 634 or 027 337 7002

Visits to our classes

Don’t forget that you are most welcome to come and share the excitement of your child’s learning with their class and spend as much time with us as you want. Please be aware that little brothers and sisters and pre-schoolers can be disruptive to the children during class time, so we would like to ask respectfully that you wait outside the class while waiting to collect your child after school.

If your child gets to school after the 9am bell, they need to sign in and take a white slip to the class teacher. If you wish to collect your child before 3pm you will need to collect a pink slip from the school office to take to the class teacher.

We would also like to remind you that we are unable to discuss any concerns you may have during class time and are more than happy to speak with you before or after school to address any issues you may have.

Kind regards

Delwyn Day, Salome Bergs, Julie Austin, Crystal Toluaki

Mariah Handley, Amela Nikolao, Fiona Wickens

Kiwi team teachers

Glen Eden Primary School
makes learning an enjoyable
and rewarding experience
for our tamariki.



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