OMD - Do Good Day

We were fortunate to have 80 wonderful OMD workers leave their offices and headed to our kura to help us out for a day.
We are so very grateful to them for all of their mahi. It was amazing to see what 80 adults could achieve in a day.
Here is a list of what was completed:
art masks attached to wall by hall
new plants planted along fence garden
bark pathway made through fence garden
mulch done on all trees along fence garden
art and new seats installed in fence garden
new flax planted and mulched by Biggles fence
Garden to Table gardens weeded
paths mulched new soil added
stakes and netting removed from fruit trees
all trees on field and fruit trees mulched
feijoa trees trimmed
fence line weeded, tidied and rubbish removed
library deck water blasted and painted
back pool wall water blasted and painted
wall by netball courts water blasted and painted
old pool murals painted over
year 6 dance decorations made
Xmas parade decorations made
wall by SWIS office cleared and rubbish thrown away
PE shed shelves smashed out and PE shed painted
all new PE shed balls blown up
total sort of all PE equipment
new storage for PE gear assembled
poetry cards readied for use in classrooms
and working with Garden to Table to provide lunch for everyone.

What a Team!

Glen Eden Primary School
makes learning an enjoyable
and rewarding experience
for our tamariki.



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