Te Reo

Ngā oropuare - vowels

Māori vowels are much the same as many other languages (except English!).Here are the short vowels:

a e i o u

a as in cup

e as in egg

i as in eat

o as in for

u as in to

Ngā tohutō - macrons

A macron is a line written above a vowel and indicates a long vowel sound.

ā ē ī ō ū

Ngā orokati - consonants

The Māori consonants are:

h k m n ng p r t w wh

  • ng’ as in singer
  • r’ is a rolling ‘r’ sometimes described as being close to an English ‘d’ or ‘l’ sound
  • wh’ as in father.

Phrases we use at Glen Eden Primary School

Hei konei rā! - Goodbye!

kaiako - teachers

Kia pai tō wā whakatā! - Have a good holiday!

kura - school

kupu - word/s

mahi - work

Nau mai haere mai - Welcome

tamariki - children

tuatahi - first

waka - boat

whānau - family / extended family

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