Glen Eden Primary School Centenary

1915 -2015

Thank you so much everyone for your support of the Centenary celebrations. From 5.45am when so many of you assembled for the blessing of the pou, I could tell that we had a great day in store.

Mr Read, Mr Thomson and Jingo led the powhiri with great style and aplomb. Well done and thank you. Thank you also to Mrs Semmons and the fabulous karanga girls.

The day just got better as it flowed along. We have had much praise from the ex-pupils and staff for the concert. They loved you Glen Eden!

The Friday night and the Saturday night were also very successful, everyone had a great time. So many of the staff came along on the Friday night and worked all night. What a team!

Bob's Bush Camp

Lester’s favourite time was cooking scones. He placed the scones in a frying pan and then placed them on the camp fire. He waited about five minutes before removing the pan and did a touch test, which is touching the pan handle before removing the pan. Then he took the frying pan off the fire. Lester then got the spatula and turned the scones over to see if they were ready to be cooked on the other side. The scones were cooking slowly and the fire was dying out so he got some firewood and placed it on the fire carefully so the fire wouldn’t go crazy. He put butter on the scones so they wouldn’t stick to the pan. After about another five minutes the scones were ready, they had a golden tone to them. After they were cooked Lester spread butter and jam over the scones. They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They were really delicious. After the scones he had a cup of tea.

Ikjun’s favourite time was building the bivouac. He used long white rope and short rope, tall wooden poles and old dirty canvases. He learned how to make tripods from Miss Betty. She split the bushmen into two teams. After each team got all their 1883 materials, they started building two tall tripods. They connected the two tripods with a long pole, then the team decided which canvas to put on and how to put the canvas on. The tallest bushman chucked the canvas on the uneven tripods, but it kept on falling off, so the team got two long poles and got four short ropes and tied the pole to the tripod so the canvas wouldn’t come off.

Vanessa said her favourite part was working with Jimmy and the massive, gigantic pit saw. Vanessa said she found it funny to say ‘up, down, up, down’. Vanessa worked under the deck and nearly got her hair all dusty. Then she got promoted to the top as the boss.

Caleb liked the bush camp because there were some easy things like the cross cutting saw and then there were other challenging things like pushing a three ton log up a hill and putting the wood on the fire because it was hot and the smoke got in your eyes. Caleb hopes that he can go back to the bush sometime soon.

Rhea enjoyed the bush camp because it was very fascinating learning how people survived back then. Some bits were very challenging like putting the wood on the fire because it seemed almost impossible, but once she tried it, it was very easy. Cooking the scones was the most awesome part because it was very different to how we cook them now.

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